Danielo, folk and pop flamenco guitarist & singer combines Latin songwriting, composing, and arranging with an infectious blend of World Fusion rhythms. Danielo's songs are a reflection of his roots in Cadiz and his life's' journey to share his love, and passion for music, this world, and it's people.
His performances are an invitation to celebrate this shared journey through music and dance! From his beginnings in Latin music and early training in flamenco guitar, to the present influences of World music, Danielo has developed an original style unlike any flamenco fusion on the market today. For nearly 12 years he has worked & collaborated in many different music projects and groups involving flamenco in the UK scene. He is a regular performer since 2005 in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with different projects like “Alba Flamenca” (2007-2008-2009-2010); with KeNoDeKe collective: “Orkesta Simbolika” (2010-2011), with “Rumba Magica”(2008), with “Dondeduendes” (2011) with its show: “Flamenco Flamenco”, and again in 2012, 2013, 2014 with "Alba Flamenca", "Mosaico Flamenco" and "India Flamenco" shows that he will be repeating during this upcoming Fringe 2015 with new material.
He has performed in a wide variaty of events like ................ 7

Danielo also works as lead practitioner, collaborator and trainer in music in hospitals, healthcare, and social care settings (children's & adults hospitals; music and mental health, music and dementia).
As percussionist and drum circle facilitator, he specialized in rhythm, group dynamics and communication skills.


==Understanding and practice of Flamenco music through:,

-Compas (mastering the different flamenco styles or "palos", using hands by clapping; or understand the so called "flamenco clapping technique").,
-Singing (some techniques, lyrics and "palos" (different styles of songs in flamenco terminology).,

-Percussion: basic concepts and technique of the cajon flamenco and all of the material explained in "Compas".,
-Guitar (flamenco notions, techniques, cords, "palos flamencos", other styles, jamming and improvisation)
Flamenco Music -understanding the different styles in Flamenco and Latin music and practice them- Also investigate their possible Fusion with other styles.



I am a song writer and composer. I teach also recording techniques and own my own studio for individual and groups recording sessions.



  • Edinburgh Flamenco Flashmob at the National Gallery, The Mount. August 2013 Link

An expressive journey: NLS / SCO joint event. November 2014

Some Info

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

Shows with Alba Flamenca Company. 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

Shows with Alba Flamenca Company.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

Shows with Alba Flamenca Company.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011

Shows with Donduendes.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010

Shows with Alba Flamenca Company.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009

Shows with Alba Flamenca Company.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008

Shows with Alba Flamenca Company.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008

Shows with Rumba Magica (KENODEKE Company)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007

Shows with Alba Flamenca Company.